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Code 06:Genzamtë Bandinger is a webcomic created by 00x268, currently on hiatus,started on 2019 first uploaded on smackjeeves and later moved to comicfury

  • Synopsis

On this world exist people that can perform miracles,things that are impossible to the mayority of humans, that people are called supernaturals, and they are people blessed with powers against the nature, but all supernaturals have to pay a high prize for it´s power, being borned with deformities and madness, their inestability is also the fuel of their powers, fact that have made that the most of them have a renegated rol on the society, that have strong prejudices against that human bombs.

But not all of them are wild animals waiting to kill common humans, the ones that have been trained since they were kids to live on the society, and have learned to control their powers and inestability to the use of humanity, the so called domesticated or tamed, are the sign of hope for the supernaturals of all the world, the proof that they can be humans too.

On that situation, a remarkable member of the antisupernatural patrol of Germany,and tamed supernatural called Elías has managed to convince the American central to gave him a group just made of supernaturals to proove how they can be under control by themselves, the problems begins when the plan of the central is giving him unestable tamed supernaturals to see if they move him onto the inestability or if he can make them getting their stability back,the complains of the now seargent Elías do not care to the central, and he will have to accomplish his goal on that situation.

Meanwhile, a wave of supernatural crimes have been increasing recently, and it seems that the terrorist group self called El salvador is the direct responsible of that increase, as main and first mission, Elias will have to catch the group to stop the wave at the same time that he manages to keep his partners under control.

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Security forces:[]

-Code 06 proyect team:[]

-Politial forces:[]

  • Alfred J.White
  • Arthur Mcgregor
  • Sara O.Connors
  • Sara J.White
  • Isaac Weimer

-IIC(International Inteligence Comunity) members:[]

  • Haru Takeshi
  • Ivan Spolokotch
  • Alexandre Dufont
  • Vladimir Alexandrescu
  • Jhin Xeng

El salvador:[]

-Los apóstoles:[]

  • José María Magdalena
  • María José Techlat
  • Mario Camposanto Pérez
  • Pedro Martinez Rodriguez
  • Alejandro Menéndez Alto
  • Juana Blanco Florentina

-La jauría de diós:[]

  • Peter Smith
  • Ernest Smith
  • Copper W.Willson


  • William Smith
  • Rodrígo Rodríguez Rodríguez
  • Timmothy Freeman
  • Apollo Theoudopoulos
  • Ariadna Theodopoulos


Chapters released so far


Chapter 1:Der sergeant arschint[]