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Personality and general traits[]

Main character of Code 06, Elias is a young man that had a great development on the german division of the patrol,he is usually full of energy and a bit selfish, being allways on need of attention, whatever he does he tries to make it impresive to fill that necesity(that comes to be pathological) being able even to put on risk himself to gain that attention, he is usually up to help people and enjoys seing others happy and have a great endurance against anger, despite that, Elias is usually really cold to the ones he do not have seem happy even once, lots of times seing them as a public that waits to see their show, Elias in general lives his life like if he were acting on front of some kind of public, on his most unestable moments being able to see everything as a play and even saying things like ''No,wait, i do not like that line, let me say it again'' on serious meetings or even battles, when he is is not doing something to be the attention centre he is usually doing some phisical effort,despite all that he does really care about the ones closer to him,being really loyal, in any case, Elias tends to blame himself for everything, without care what he does, he usually thinks that he is a good person just to overcome that guilt, he is the first member of the Code 06 proyect team, leading it


Elias wears a long red coat that have allways with him,where he hides his combat staf, his trousers are allways jeans, and he never uses elegant clothes,using more often comfortable wears,he has an innaturaly white hair that has a horn bounding on the centre,on his left arm as all domesticated supernaturals, he has a federated bandage to recognize his position,on his case the word that appears is "austlich"