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Jeniffer Redd is one of the main characters of code 06,she is recruted to the Code 06 proyect team for her dexetry with weapons, is one of the unestable domesticated on the proyect

Personality and traits[]

Her personality is allways strong despite of the changes that she constantly suffers on her, presenting a strong case of bipolarity and even borderland disorder on some ways, she can also be descrived as neurotic despite the strong feelings she is used to present, the only trait that she allways keeps is her agressivity, passing since a naive and destructive innocence to an unleashed anger or even a huge sadism, she likes having weapons with her, rather guns(that she assures that makes her feel save) and TNT,she usually have a compulsive tendency to destroy the things around her,and likes loud noises and strong emotions, in any case she seems to exagerate all situations,almost having orgasms on just cheer moments or turning on a real monster for plain offenses.


Jennifer has a straight hair with a fair brown tone, her principal quirk on fisical appearence are the curvs that her harir does and with some plastic balls on the end to keep them allways down, her skin is relatively fair, and her mouth is surprisingly big, she allways wears a blue jacket without down part, having the stomack on sight, and she has a bandage passing the centre of her body, as all domesticated supernaturals, she has a recognision bandage, on her case, is written the word "domesticated"