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Lorenzo is one of the main characters of code 06, he was recruited by the Code 06 proyect team beacause his informatic skills


Lorenzo is a man who allways acts relaxed, being really cinical and sarcastic on almost every tópic,he has a extreme phobia to the sun, reason why he never goes out during the day,and looks like if anyone cares for him, usually have a classist and macho behaviour that fits on his anticuated personality

Inside of him, he feels that he begun being like that to be more atractive,but somehow his character ate his trully being, now he feels unable to show what he feels on public, and only liberate his frustration when alone or on his "vampiric hobbies"(chasing targets, drinking their blood,etc...) he seems to be aware of how unconfortable he makes people feels, but he does not find a way of changing his behaviour.

Despite all that, his traditional behaviour also have some good traits as the incredible honour he has, being not able to lie on general and taking his promises really seriously, he is also an actual galant