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Psychic extasis is the state that supernaturals enters in when their inestability reach on the top, during that time supernaturals acts completely erratic, destroying everything for the costant release of psychic energies of themselves, their traits during those moments are just described by the main disorder that the supernatural on question has.

That state is one of the main reason of the exclusion of supernaturals, it usually last untill the supernatural is knocked out or is calmed (thing that can depend on function of the supernatural) not a lot of terchniques are known to stop a supernatural on that moments,some of the known ones are:

  • Make the supernatural to do a massive discharge to reduce their stress levels
  • Using an emergency ESRS
  • Knocking out the supernatural
  • Making them ti go far from the SRFP

Out of it, the average time of that state is 30 minutes if no one alterates more the supernatural according to the antisupernatural patrol

Special abilities[]