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Supernaturals is the way that people on the code 06 world does refer to the people with special powers, they are under a high stigma because of their inestability



All supernaturals have special powers that are fueled by their mental inestability, the generic ones are:

  • Expansion of psychic presence
  • Impulse from it's psychic presence
  • Psychic shield formation
  • Defense against other's presence
  • Healing on their psychic presence
  • Phisical boost
  • Adesion to surfaces ignoring the gravity
  • Vision of psychic presences

On adittion to that all supernaturals have an unique power each one



All supernaturals are mad, on a higher or lower grade, that makes them all to not be understanded by the most of the society,also,they are more predisposed to develop even more madness, theay are seem to feel more than the common human, their powers are fulled by that inestability, making that they are more powerfull when they are on a mayor crazyness, the higher state of that inestability is the called psychic extasis, but el salvador found another grade of inestability called the "renacer"